08 Feb Great Falls Grain Farm~333 Stuckey Road~~1,690,000~~SOLD

Rekindle your fire by setting your spirit free on this 1,116 acre investment farm property in beautiful Montana. Build new or live at the current farmstead. Enjoy your own place at your own pace. Do things your way.

This property is just outside of Great Falls, Montana, a modern city with Old West history on the Missouri River. It provides excellent medical facilities for the region. Grand schools and a divers community will greet you. Watch your kids or grandkids get off the school bus and walk safely to your house. Home to Malmstrom air Force Base ensures a steady blended economy with consistent agricultural trade.

This exceptional property is:

  • 15 minutes to downtown Great Falls
  • 15 minutes to Great Falls International Airport
  • 15 minutes to Broadwater Bay boat launch
  • 42 minutes to Craig bridge destination on the Mighty Mo. for fly fisherman
  • 1 hour to Holter Lake, walleye and trout
  • 1.5 hours to Showdown ski area/snowmobiling
  • 1.75 hours to Benchmark trailhead, the Bob Marshall Wilderness
  • 2 hours Great Divide ski area
  • 1.5 hours to Lincoln summer enjoyment, winter snowmobiling
  • 2 hours to Glacier Park
  • 5 hours to Calgary, AB
  • Great Falls has 4 golf courses

A big plus for this property is Great Falls having several end users/flour mills for farm grown commodities. This helps with your marketing choice and price. Field and bin to elevator from this farm is minutes not hours. Often you wait longer in line than the drive takes. The farm property boasts 1070 +/-acres of tillable crop land. The property has been under a no-till program since 2008. The farm has 679 acres of attributable USDA?FSA base for contract participation. While the primary cropping practice is 1/3 fallow 2/3 crop, continuous cropping is also done in the area. Winter and Spring Wheat as well as Barley are grown in conjunction with legumes(peas and lentils). 7 bins store 22,000 bushels on the farm. One bin has air. The farm has a machine-shed for truck, tractor and sprayer storage. Attached to the shed is a heated shop that is so well insulated it stays cool during the summertime. The property has all buried electrical lines for overhead safety and service was updated to 4 wire in 2004 to both the house and shop. Natural gas was trenched in 2008 to accommodate the house and the current furnace and central AC was added. The house offers nice views of the area and the Little and Big Belt Mountains and Historic Square Butte from the big bay window. The current owner since 2002 has been improving the property. The house while modern inside does need outside work. The owner occupies the farmstead and is the farmer.

The property boasts additional homesites that further take advantage of the geography. This includes the picturesque Rocky Mountains, Belt Hill, Highwood Mountains and the aforementioned Square Butte and the Belt Mountains. One cannot overlook the view from the plains to the mountains.

This is a farm close to town and the elevators, yet you will live in quiet and seclusion on your own property.

Additional buildings include a large hen house and a wooden granary to be set on permanent foundation.

In order to wrap this description up let us focus on the outdoor amenities. while you can view the area from your new property, nothing beats a day in the woods. The primary hunting on the farm is for feeding flocks of geese and ducks. There are whitetail and mule deer as well as pronghorn antelope. Coyote are fun to call and pheasant, grouse and partridge are here in numbers.

Elk hunting is popular in the foothills and mountains. Hunters and horsemen pack in to the mountains for pleasure and to hunt. This is Grizzly country in the Rockies! See them in Glacier. Fishing is phenomenal in Montana. Both trout and walleye fisheries abound. People fly in from all over the world tto fish in what could be your own back door!

Taxes – $4692

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